Industries Serving

1-      Education- Online UPS for School/ Universities, PC Labs

2-      Industrial- Online UPS for CNC Application, Laser Cutting Machine, Chemical Process, Automotive, Online UPS for

3-      Textile & Garment- Oil & Gas Pipeline, Automated End To End Product Manufacturing, Food Packing, Centralized Air Conditioner.

4-      Commercial- Petrol Pump, Lift & Escalator, Telecom, Hospitals.

5-      Pharmacy- Health Care, CT Scanners, MRI Scanners, Pharmaceutical Labs, Treadmills

6-       Hospitality- Online UPS for Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts etc

7-       Banking/ATM

8-       IT, Telecom/ITES-BPO- PC, Networking & Data Center, Telecom, Call Center

9-       Entertainment- Multiplex and Cinema Halls, Cable TV Control Room, Studios.

10-     Printing Industry- Online UPS for Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Multicolor Printing Machine

11-     Research Lab & XRD- Online UPS for XRD Machinery